Image featuring graphics from the Rubik's Match mobile game, in bright colours
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Celebrate 50 Years of Rubik's Cube with a Fresh Twist in Rubik's Match!

Rubik's Match combines the casual fun of match-3 games with a fresh twist of story-driven world-building. Dive into Rubik's colorful universe and solve hundreds of levels, with new daily missions to keep the challenges fresh and exciting. Join Reno and Daisy on their quest to reconnect, helping them solve the puzzles of their past and restore the worlds one color match at a time.

Ready, set, solve—it's time to make those brilliant moves and keep the combos flowing!

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Celebrate 50 years of Rubik’s with Rubik’s Match on your phone!

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Experience a new twist on the classic with Rubik’s Match, combining the casual fun of match-3 games with Rubik’s intellectual challenge. Solve hundreds of puzzle levels, each designed to test your problem-solving skills. Join the Cubies, Reno and Daisy, on their quest to reconnect and restore their memories. Unlock new worlds and bring the Rubik’s universe back to life. Enjoy new daily missions to keep your mind sharp – there’s always something new to tackle in Rubik’s Match.

Ready, set, solve – it’s time to make those brilliant moves and unlock new levels of fun!