The Rubik’s USB is a high quality 8GB USB drive with the Rubik’s retro logo on it. The USB drive is reminiscent of the center square of a Rubik’s Cube. To reveal the USB all you need to do is twist, and out pops the USB ready to plug and go into your PC or Mac.

  This 8GB USB Flash Drive or solid state drive has 7619MB (7.44GB) available for user storage (the remaining 573MB is used by the USB Flash Drive to store its firmware essential for operation). This means you can store approximately: 3809 photos, or 1904 MP3s, or 15.24 feature length films in Mpeg format.​

  Length: 37mm (1.46 inches)

  Width: 37mm (1.46 inches)

  Height: 9.5mm (0.37 inches)

  Weight: 12 grams (0.42 Ounces)