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Erno Rubik invented the Rubik’s Cube in 1974. It was a huge success in Hungary, where it was sold as the “Magic Cube”, it made it onto the mass market in 1980 where it went on to become the best-selling toy of all time! Find out more about the history of the Rubik’s Cube.

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Erno’s Biography

Erno Rubik is a Hungarian inventor, architect and professor of architecture. He is best known for the invention of mechanical puzzles including the Rubik’s Cube. Erno’s father engineered gliders, (you still see them in the sky over Hungary today) and his mother was a poet. So perhaps he represents the meeting place of science and art… When Erno first developed the cube, he was exploring a structural question to give to his students – how to make an object that could move on three axis? He put colored paper on each side, so that he could follow the motion of the little squares. Erno jumbled the cube and enjoyed the movement of the colors. Then when he wanted to put the squares back in their place, and Erno discovered the real challenge: how to return home?