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Copyright Notice

The RUBIK’S CUBE® in its three dimensional form and any graphic or photographic representation of it, in any configuration, coloured or uncoloured, whether or not it carries the RUBIK’S CUBE® name or logo, is protected by intellectual property laws throughout the world. Rubik’s®, Rubik’s Cube®, its three dimensional form, and it’s two dimensional representation are registered trademarks in numerous classes throughout the world. “You must contact Rubiks Brand Ltd for permission prior to any use of any of the Rubiks brand intellectual property.” Rubiks Brand Ltd controls and administers all the international intellectual property rights pertaining to the Rubik’s Cube, the Rubik brand and products marketed under the Rubik brand. The copyright belongs to Ernõ Rubik, the originator of RUBIK’S CUBE® who has given Rubiks Brand Ltd full and exclusive authority to license and administer the rights, and to pursue by whatever legal means necessary any infringement of such rights. Certain trademarks are registered to Seven Towns Ltd on behalf of Rubiks Brand Ltd and Rubiks Brand Ltd has full and exclusive authority to license and administer the rights, and to pursue by whatever legal means necessary any infringement of such rights. Rubiks Brand Ltd is determined to stop any unauthorised use of its intellectual property and will pursue infringements of its rights by all legal means at its disposal. This includes prosecution of unauthorised. Reproductions of the Rubik’s Cube Puzzle and such unauthorised reproductions are frequently seized and destroyed by customs authorities throughout the world. ©Rubiks Brand Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Disclaimer contains links to external websites. These websites are not operated by and does not control, and disclaims any responsibility for, the functioning and performance of these sites and any content on or available through such sites, including advertising, links to other sites, or comments or other communications between users of these sites. If you have any legal queries, please contact us.

Our Privacy policy

Rubiks Brand Ltd. (“the Company”) is committed to providing a fun, safe and secure website, (“Website”) for people of all ages. We are committed to maintaining high standards for protecting your privacy. We provide this Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) to summarize how we collect and use personally identifiable information (“personal information”) we obtain when you visit our Website and explain the choices you can make regarding that information. Because many visitors to the Website are children, we make efforts to ensure that children access only the content that is appropriate for them. We do not ask children to disclose more personal information than is necessary for them to participate in a particular activity. By using or registering as a member on our Website, you expressly consent to our use and disclosure of your personal information in the manner described in this policy. As we continue to offer our visitors new and different types of content and services, we may modify our practices from time to time. Please check back frequently to ensure that you are familiar with our current policies and practices.

Information we collect in general

Our Company does not collect personal information on our Website unless you voluntarily provide it to us. You might provide us with personal information for a number of reasons, including: In general, to become a member, we will only ask that you provide us with your full name and email address. Depending upon the services being accessed or activities in which you participate on the Website, you might voluntarily provide us with additional information such as your full name, e-mail address, physical or mailing address, phone number, age, group affiliations, credit card information and other information required to provide a service, deliver a product, or carry out a transaction you have requested. If an order is being shipped to a third party, we may also need the recipient’s name and mailing address. We might solicit additional voluntary information through surveys, polls and the like. In compliance with applicable law, we will never condition a child’s participation in an activity on the child’s disclosure of more personal information than is reasonably necessary to participate in the activity.

How we use your personal information

We use personal information collected only in the way we specified when it was collected. As examples, we may use your information in the following ways: In addition, we may share personal information with third parties to the extent reasonably necessary to: protect the security and integrity of our Website; to take precautions against liability; to respond to judicial process; or to the extent permitted under provisions of law, to provide information to law enforcement agencies or for an investigation related to public safety. Aside from the purposes described above, we do not share or sell or rent your personal information to third parties for marketing purposes unless we have your permission.

Access, Change or Delete personal information

You can access and update the contact information provided to us during registration, or modify your opt-out choices, by going to the member profile online page. At any time parents can review the personal information we have collected from their child, can refuse to permit us to collect further personal information, and can request that any personal information that we have collected be deleted from our records. A parent can contact our site operator to access, change, or delete the personal information that we have collected from his or her child by contacting us in one of the following ways: Email: Address: Rubiks Brand Ltd., 7 Lambton Place, London, W11 2SH, United Kingdom Please include the child’s member name and the parent’s contact information including email address in the communication so that we can better assist you with your inquiry or request

Collection of non-personal information

When you visit or use our Website, we may also collect non-personal information through cookies, server log files and “pixel tags.” This information is used to better understand and improve the usability, performance and effectiveness of our Website. Cookies. Our Website uses “cookies,” which are data that a web server transfers to an individual computer for record-keeping purposes. Cookies are a common industry standard and often used by websites to help facilitate users’ and visitors’ on going access to and use of a particular website. These cookies help us serve you better by allowing our server to recognize your computer and any settings you created on our Website. For example, if you entered your zip code on a visit to our site, upon your return or next visit to our Website, you will see information for that zip code without having to type it in again. We may use cookies to determine how many visitors we have and how often they visit various sections of our Website. Server Log Files. Your computer is automatically assigned an Internet Protocol (IP) address by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), which serves as an identifying number. Whenever you visit our Website, your IP number is identified and logged automatically in our server log files, along with the time of your visit and the pages within our site that you visited. The purpose of tracking your IP address, and any other visitor’s IP address is to calculate the usage levels of our Website, help diagnose problems with our Website’s servers, and to administer the site. Pixel Tags. Our Website may use so-called “pixel tags,” “web beacons,” “clear GIFs” or similar means (collectively, “pixel tags”) to compile anonymous aggregate statistics about site usage and response rates. These pixel tags allow us to count users who have visited certain pages of our Website, to deliver services, and to help determine the effectiveness of our promotional and marketing or advertising campaigns. We may use pixel tags on our Website from time to time for this and other purposes.

Privacy policy changes or modifications

We may amend this Privacy Policy at any time. Please note that, at all times, you are responsible for providing us with your current e-mail address. We will apply material changes in our Privacy Policy, as it relates to children, only in conformance with applicable law.

Links to other websites

Our Website may contain links to other websites, including those of sponsors and advertisers, whose information practices may be different from ours. Sometimes these third party websites might conduct contests or sweepstakes that are promoted on our Website. Visitors should consult those other third party websites’ privacy notices, since those websites are not covered by our Privacy Policy and may follow different procedures. Additionally, we and our advertisers may use third parties to serve or present the ads that appear on our Website and to conduct research about the advertisements. These third party ad servers may use cookies, web beacons, clear .gifs or similar technologies to help present such advertisements, and to help measure and research the advertisements’ effectiveness. The use of these technologies by these third party ad servers is subject to their own privacy policies and is not covered by our Privacy Policy.

Security of your personal information

The security and confidentiality of your information is extremely important to us. We have implemented technical, administrative, and organizational measures to protect your information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. While we strive to protect our personal information, we cannot ensure the security of your information.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you can contact our corporate office by calling +44 (0) 207-727-5666 Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. GMT, or write us at Rubiks Brand Ltd., 7 Lambton Place, London, England W11 2SH Attn: Legal and Administration

Effective date

This Privacy Policy is effective as of November 3rd, 2011.

Cookies Law

A new law on cookies demands that you, as a website user, are given the opportunity to understand how cookies are used on our websites and consent to cookies being stored on your computer (laptop/mobile/tablet).

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file, typically of letters and numbers, downloaded to your computer when you access a website or web page. Typically, they contain the following information: a site name and unique user ID, the duration of the cookie’s abilities and effects, and a random number. As a rule, cookies cannot be used to reveal your identity or personally identifying information. When you visit a website that uses cookies for the first time, a cookie is downloaded onto your computer. The next time you visit that website, your computer checks to see if it has a cookie that is relevant and sends the information contained in that cookie back to the website. The website then notes that you have been there before, and in some cases, tailors what pops up on screen to take account of that fact. They also might record how long you spend on each page on a site, what links you click, even your preferences for page layouts and colour schemes. Generally, the role of cookies is beneficial, making your interaction with frequently-visited sites smoother with no extra effort on your part. Without cookies, online shopping would be much harder. Without cookies, some websites will become less interactive with the cookie option turned off.

Most common cookies

Session cookies These cookies expire when you close your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome). These cookies are used for various reasons, for example, remembering what you have put in your shopping basket as you browse a website. They can also be used for security to access your Internet banking or email. Persistent cookies These cookies are still stored on your computer after you have closed your web browser which allows your preferences on websites to be remembered. These cookies are used for a variety of purposes, for example, remembering your preferences on a website (your language choice or your user name on a particular website). First and Third Party cookies This refers to the website placing the cookie. First party cookies are cookies set by the website you are visiting. Third party cookies are set by another website; the website you are visiting may have advertising on the page and this other website will be able to set a cookie on your computer. The main web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) allow third party cookies by default. Changing the settings on your browsers can prevent this.


There are some exemptions to the above where it is essential for a website to store information on your computer, for example, to provide a service to you that you have requested.Our use of cookies

More information on Cookies

Further information can be found at and

Terms of use

In order to use the Rubik’s website and the services, you must firstly agree to the Terms - you may not use the website and/or the services herein if you do not accept the Terms. You can accept the Terms by simply using the Service and you understand and agree that we will treat your use of the service as acceptance of the Terms Rubik’s reserve the right to limit access to services and/or to cancel and/or withdraw our web site services to any person or organisation at any time without notice (and any other Rubik’s services supplied) if such persons participate in spamming or their content or site contains: copyrighted, illegal, misleading, hateful, violent, sexually explicit, adult-only or other content deemed distasteful as determined in our sole discretion. Rubik’s reserves the right to change all and any terms and conditions of this Agreement with clients at any time and without notice. It is the responsibility of clients to periodically review the currently posted terms and conditions of use at to assure compliance. Rubik’s reserve the right to change the content of any offer or change the charges due for any service at any time (including free services) Rubik’s will take reasonable action to ensure that loss of data and other downtime do not occur. We also will take reasonable efforts to ensure that all features, tools, and services are accurate, reliable and operating as represented. However, in no event shall we be liable for or assume responsibility for any loss or damages (of any kind) that may occur. Rubik’s is entitled to market goods and services as considered appropriate through the websites constructed and hosted by Rubik’s, and will be allowed to insert appropriate sponsor information/buttons and advertisements on such websites. The client/customer shall fully and effectively indemnify Rubik’s against all costs and expenses which Rubik’s incurs in enforcing any of the terms and conditions contained herein including, without limit to the generality of the foregoing, the recovery of all monies due from the client whether by proceeding or other means to be assessed. This Agreement is governed by English Law, and all parties consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the English Court System and the London High Court in all disputes arising out of or relating to your use of Rubik’s services.