You Can Do The Rubik's Cube

The You Can Do The Rubik’s Cube program, fondly referred to by teachers as Rubik Education and Rubik Learning has grown significantly since its 2009 launch in the USA. Now used in over 8500 schools in all 50 states, the program’s growth is driven primarily by teachers who see the strong educational value in a math manipulative that combines STEM with 21st Century Skills. The program’s specific mission is to teach youth in Americahow to solve the Rubik’s Cube, or learn Rubik, so they can experience the many benefits which include 1)an enriched understanding of fundamental and advanced math concepts ranging from basic geometry and algebra to group theory, 2) life skills such as perseverance and critical thinking and 3)boost in self confidence/self esteem.


The You Can Do The Rubik’s Cube program is appropriate for students of any ability from grades 3 - 12. A student does not need to be gifted or even necessarily good at math to learn to solve the cube. In fact some of the most moving testimonials are from teachers of students with learning disabilities and at risk students. Using the Rubik’s Cube in the classroom is easy since we provide all the resources a teacher or youth director needs and options to fit any budget. Math Education Kits and Lending Library sets include the same materials; the Math Education Kit sells for $124.99 and the lending library set is available to borrow for 6 weeks at no cost. Kits and Sets each include - 12 Official Rubik’s Cubes, 1 instructional curriculum CD, 12 printed Solution Guides, 1 DVD demonstrating the solution, 1 CD with project based Algebra and Geometry workbooks and teacher’s guide, 1 CD with 20 math lessons/activities and other materials including Teaching Tips, sign out sheets, posters, certificates, 1 printed Implementation guide, 1 printed competition guide, 1 printed mosaic builder guide, all in a durable storage container.

Each kit and set includes Instructional Curriculum and Secondary curriculum CDs. However, many teachers prefer the printed, 10 booklet, 4/C set. A companion to the kit/set, the Instructional Curriculum expands upon the Solution Guide and creates a complete standards-based curriculum to teach solving the Rubik’s Cube. The curriculum includes everything instructors need to lead students through the solving stages while incorporating a number of strands including Number & Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement and Problem Solving. New in Fall 2014 and appropriate for algebra and geometry students are two project based learning tools designed to develop a better understanding of mathematics practices through Algebraic and Geometric relationships to the Rubik’s Cube. Each subject is addressed in the form of a student workbook and can be utilized as self-paced, group work and/or independent learning. The workbooks incorporate the Common Core Modeling Cycle to link classroom mathematics to everyday life, work and decision-making.

Once the students can solve the cube, You Can Do The Rubik’s Cube provide all the tools to host a team based or solo competition. In addition, the program hosts regional competitions around the country. For those teachers looking to extend into art, the mosaic builder activity is a magical project. Students can apply their learning and create a Rubik’s Cube Mosaic of their own design or use one of the available templates.


The You Can Do The Rubik’s Cube program puts a new Twist on Teaching. Try Rubik Learning and Rubik Education - learn more at .

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