Speedcubers Flock To Prague For The 2016 Euro Championships


July 11th 2016 By Rubik's Cube

The European Champs will take place this weekend, from Friday 15th July to Sunday 17th July in Prague. There will be 525 competitors battling it out across 18 events in the hope of being crowned the first ever European Champion.  

The prize fund of €10,000 is sure to work speedcubers up in a sweat, with a top prize of €1000 up for grabs.



Rubiart will also be hosting a Rubik's Cube Mosaic Contest on both Friday & Saturday at the Euro Champs HQ, so it's time to whip your artistic flair into action. Each team can have a maximum of 4 members, with an allocated time-frame of 90 minutes per team to create a Rubik's cube mosaic. We will be posting these over the weekend on Instagram, you can check out some previous creations below. 



We're thrilled to hold our annual Championship in Prague. There is a host of talent in Europe and as always, it will attract speedcubers from across the globe. It's such an exciting time to have the competition with the recent New World Record for the Average 3x3 Solve earlier this week by the one and only Feliks Zemdeg - smashing the previous 6.54 record with a time of 06.45 in Warsaw on Saturday 9th July. Get ready cubers, this one's going to go off!

Good luck to everyone involved and a huge thanks to the World Cubing Association for coordinating what promises to be another fantastic championship!

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