Introducing Beyond Rubik's Cube

Coming April 2014: Beyond Rubik’s Cube is a vast travelling exhibition celebrating 40 years since the Rubik’s Cube was first invented in Hungary in 1974. The exhibition is exploring the innovations, inventions and insights inspired by the world’s most popular toy. It begins its life at the Liberty Science Center (LSC), the largest interactive science centre in New Jersey, from there Beyond Rubik’s Cube will travel the globe, hoping to inspire countless more people with everything the Rubik’s Cube has to offer.

What’s going to be in the beyond Rubik's cube exhibition?

A giant working Rubik’s Cube

Giant working Rubik's Cube

Visitors will have the opportunity to play with a massive working Rubik’s Cube. This exhibit helps to explain the mystery of how the Rubik’s Cube can move in so many directions without all the pieces falling out.


Rubik's cube robots


Yes, robots can solve the Rubik’s Cube too. Through the wonders of computing and robotics visitors to BRC will be able to watch these fantastic machines complete the Rubik’s Cube at breakneck speeds.


Erno Rubik Prototype

Ernö Rubik (the inventor of the Rubik’s Cube) has lent much of his personal collection to the Beyond Rubik’s Cube exhibition. Artefacts include early prototypes of the Rubik’s Cube as well as many other rare and interesting items.

Groovik’s Cube

Rubik's Grooviks cube

The world’s largest Rubik’s Cube, so big in fact that it needs to be controlled electronically from 3 separate stations. Its size means that the best way of solving it is as a 3 person team, this adds a whole new dimension to solving the Rubik’s Cube.

World’s most expensive Rubik’s Cube

Rubik's Cube made of diamonds

Diamond Cutters International have created a fully functioning $2.5 Million Rubik’s Cube out of 18 karat yellow gold, it contains 185 carats or rubies, emeralds, sapphires, amethysts and white diamonds.

… and much, much more!

Learn more about Beyond Rubik’s Cube here

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