How to solve the Rubik's Cube: Stage 5


Holding your cube:

1) Matching the yellow pattern on the top face of your Rubik’s Cube to one of the yellow patterns shown on the Cubes below.

2) Then follow the correct sequence.


- Yellow edge pieces on the top face do NOT need to match on the side pieces…yet!


1st Step: Make a yellow cross:


2nd Step: Make all the corners yellow

Now look at the top face of the Rubik’s Cube and match your face to one of the states below:



State 1

If no corner Cubes are yellow on the top face, you must have yellow left corner or left face as shown.

State 2

If one corner Cube is yellow match your top face as shown and do the sequence below.

State 3

If any two corner Cubes are yellow don’t worry about their position. You MUST match the front face with a yellow left corner as shown Do this sequence 1, 2 or 3 times to achieve a complete yellow top face. After each sequence, orient the Rubik’s Cube to REMATCH the top face to the appropriate state and repeat the sequence until all the corners are yellow.


If your Rubik’s Cube looks like this picture above then you can move to Stage 6!

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