Rubik's Connected Cube

Rubik’s Connected - The smartest, most innovative version of the Rubik’s cube!
Rubik’s Connected is a reimagined and redesigned Rubik’s version for the 21st century. This app-enabled speed Cube, equipped with advanced sensors - connects through Bluetooth 4.1 to the companion Rubik’s Connected app, and adds so much fun and value to screen time!

Get the Rubik’s Connected, an official partner for the RedBull Rubik’s Cube WORLD CUP 2020, and experience a whole new world of cubing!

Learn to solve the cube in a fun and interactive way (in 1 hour!).
Play and improve your game thanks to the advanced statistics mode.
Battle with other players online and join a community of cubers from all over the world.

Rubik’s Connected comes with:
  • Rubik’s Connected
  • Customized USB charger