Rubik's Speed Cube 3x3

Are you a competitive speedcuber? Looking for a challenge? Give the fastest speed cube we have ever created a try and achieve your best solving time! The 3x3 speed cube has a beautiful sleek look and smooth touch. Under your control, this speed cube will turn at a lightning pace!

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Beautiful and Unmatched Cornering

The fastest Rubik’s cube ever has ultra-lubricated tracks which heightens your turning capabilities and encourages a longer lasting cube! Coupled with the lubricating tracks the 3x3 Speed Cube is made with Ganscores which makes it even more stable and beautiful to turn.

Worried about the fast life your cube must endure? Well, fear not! No more pops during your competitions slowing down times when pure speed is needed thanks to the extra strong triple cross feet design. The design and strength of the clips ensure your Rubik’s Speed Cube resists impacts and cracks. Push your cube to the limit without fear!

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