Rubik's Speed Cube 2x2

The best brains at Rubik’s and Gan have teamed together to develop the ultimate 2x2 speed cube. It’s super-fast with a sleek look and smooth touch. The speed cube turns at a racing pace under your complete control. This is the fastest speed cube we’ve created. Give it a go!

Improved Speed Solving Play

The Rubik’s 2x2 Speed Cube features durable and stronger tiles that allow all parts to lock up with great strength. Its round corner design makes for an amazing corner cutting performance.

Worried about the fast-paced action damaging your cube? Don’t! Your cube won’t pop or corner twist even at high speed. The strong Gan core guarantees vertical degrees of the six axis’s meaning smoother play.

The nut tuning design makes it easy to tune your cube. You only need to screw out the nuts from each face. The 2x2 Speed Cube can freely adapt to any tuning styles with its patented L-shape lock clips.

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