Rubik's Pocket Cube

The Pocket Cube is a travel size stickered version of the classic 3x3 Rubik’s Cube. All the same challenge, just in a smaller size. 3cm x 3 cm x 3cm.


Travel Size Rubik’s Cube

The classic Rubik’s Cube is incredibly addictive and has fascinated fans for decades. The Pocket Cube may be smaller in size, but the challenge is just as big!


Twist & Turn Away

Once the Cube is scrambled, the game is on. There are over 43 quintillion possible moves to solve the Cube, but only one solution. Can you solve it?

  • The Official Rubik's Cube – A combination of mathematics, art and science, the iconic Rubik’s Cube challenges your mind and problem-solving skills. This mini 3x3 Cube promises the same play as the original just in a convenient travel size


  • Pocket-Sized Edition - A fully functional stickered Rubik’s 3x3 Cube that you can take with you wherever you go. It may be smaller in size, but the challenge is just as big!


  • Twist, Turn, Repeat - The Rubik’s Cube features six different coloured sides, each made up of nine squares. Once the faces are scrambled up, you are going to need to twist, turn and rotate the Rubik’s Cube until each of the six faces has only one colour


  • A must-have for puzzle-lovers - This original Cube has 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 combinations, but only one solution. Do you have what it takes to solve the world’s favourite puzzle?

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