Rubik's Futuro Cube

Do you love the classic games like Tetris, Snake or Gomoku? Do you like spatial brain-teasers, multiplayer challenges and smart gadgets? You can have it all in a box! Rubik’s Futuro Cube is simple yet ultimate gadget of the 21st century. It’s The One Gaming Gadget you need.

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Rubik’s Futuro Cube senses rotation, determines tapping on any side and sees which side is facing towards ground. It can vibrate, play audio and dynamically change it’s LED colors across any face of the cube to provide feedback. Many games take advantage from these control and cubic surface of the playground. Cube has built-in radio transceiver, connect two cubes on short distance and challenge your friends.

Rubik’s Futuro Cube senses actual changes of its position. For control is therefore essential to learn how to tap the sides of the cube. Taping creates little movements that are recorded and evaluated after. Not only each tap to each side is detected, but as well differences between side tap, top tap and bottom tap. Even it sounds that the cube must move a lot, by practice you can tap the cube very gently and yet it is hundred percent recognized.