Image Rights

The RUBIK’S CUBE® in its three dimensional form and any graphic or photographic representation of it, in any configuration, coloured or uncoloured, whether or not it carries the RUBIK’S CUBE® name or logo, is protected by intellectual property laws throughout the world.


Rubiks Brand Ltd owns all the international rights in the RUBIK trademarks and in the overall image of the RUBIK’S CUBE®. The copyright belongs to Ernő Rubik, the originator of RUBIK’S CUBE® who has given Rubik’s Brand Ltd full and exclusive authority to license and administer his rights, and to pursue by whatever legal means necessary any infringement of such rights.


You must contact Rubiks Brand Ltd. for permission prior to any use of any of Rubik’s intellectual property. Rubiks Brand Ltd is determined to stop any unauthorised use of its intellectual property and will pursue infringements of its rights in the image of the RUBIK’S CUBE® throughout the world by all legal means at its disposal.