Rubik's Junior: Ideal for Little Problem Solvers!

Have you seen the Rubik’s Junior twistable characters? They’re the ideal puzzle for little problem solvers.

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Rubik's Junior Range

Have you seen the NEW Rubik’s Junior cute twistable characters? Easy to grip and turn. They’re the ideal puzzle for little problem solvers.




Twist the characters to create a crazy mixed-up animal, but with relatively few combinations!


Girl with rubik's junior bear giggling


The characters are great for ‘on the go’ fun and keeps little hands busy! The colourful animals are guaranteed to keep the kids entertained with every twist and turn.


Girl playing with Rubik's Junior range


They are easy to solve and a great introduction to the most iconic puzzle. There are 4 animals to collect; Rubik's Junior kitten, puppy, bear and bunny. The Rubik’s Junior range is fun yet educational – the puzzles help to develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as inspire imaginative play.


Or why not try the Rubik’s Junior Cube. The perfect ‘First Cube’ for little puzzle fans.

young boy using rubik's 2x2 junior cube

The Rubik’s Junior Cube is exciting with two different stages. Try solving the monkey or the yellow face – then once this has been mastered, try and solve them both together. It is not as easy as it sounds – and it may even drive you BANANAS.

young boy holding rubik's 2x2 junior cube

Watch the Rubik's Junior video to find out more about our Junior range. 


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