Rubik’s debuts digital Connected Cube at Red Bull World Cup

The 2020 Red Bull Rubik’s World Cup, the first ever digital speedcubing competition, will witness the debut of the new digital Rubik’s Connected Cube!


The innovative, digital Cube uses the same platform as GoCube and both connect to the Rubik’s Arena, allowing amateur and professional competitive cubers to compete virtually in the Red Bull tournaments.

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The Rubik’s Connected Cube is an incredible smart Cube that connects to the Connected App. Using the app you can track your every twist and turn, learn and improve, play games, or even compete in global challenges and leaderboards.


Key features of the Connected Cube are:


EVOLUTION >> Evolution of Rubik’s to the gaming world – #PowerYourSolve


CONNECT >> Link your phone or tablet to the Connected Cube and open a new dimension to solving the cube.


SOLVE >> Learn how to solve the iconic Rubik’s Cube with helpful tips, tricks and interactive guides.


IMPROVE >> Once you’ve mastered the solve use stats and analytics to improve your speed, and track your performance and progress.


INTERACT >> Connect with cubers from all over the world, challenge them to live battles and watch your name climb up the global leaderboard.


PLAY >> Don’t forget to have fun! Access a wide range of games and missions that will help improve your skills, without you even realising it!


The new Connected Cube and its app was designed in partnership with GoCube (utilizing the best in class smartcube’s technology) and will be available to pre-order from Tuesday August 18 for an exclusive pre-sale price of USD $59.95 from (RRP is USD $59.95)

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The Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Cup

The Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Cup, with four qualifiers taking place online between Saturday August 15 and Saturday October 10, and a World Final on Saturday November 7 2020, is a global competition designed to challenge the most accomplished speedcubers in the exhilarating emerging sport!

Now in its third season, the World Cup advocates speedcubing as a professional mind sport and gives cubing athletes the opportunity to compete in new formats.

To take part in the digital qualifiers, players will need to have a Rubik’s Connected Cube or a GoCube, and download the companion app. 

Winners of the global and local qualifiers will join the champions from the 2019 season - including Max Park (USA), Juliette Sebastien (France) and the Weyer Brothers, Sebastian and Philipp (Germany) - who have been awarded a wildcard, at the November showpiece. 

For all the latest updates about the tournament check out the tournament website: 

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