Rubik’s Ambassador programme

The Rubik’s ambassador programme was first introduced through the You Can Do the Rubik’s Cube (YCTRC) programme in the USA. There are over 100 YCDTRC ambassadors who have used the Cubes in their classroom for educational purposes, to help teach mathematical, engineering and design concepts. They believe in the power of

creative problem solving using the Rubik’s Cube and are advocates for its STEM origin.


The Rubik’s Cube is known to be a challenging puzzle with respect given to those who have completed it. It has stemmed cubing leagues all around the world, with top speedcubers competing to see who can solve it the fastest.


The playful intelligence, creativity and colourful DNA of the puzzle have also led to the Rubik’s Cube being used in fun and playful ways, such as through the creation of mosaics, art, photography and magic.


It is through these specialties that we have identified brand ambassadors who not only celebrate the vision of the brand, they are also advocates of it.


Rubik’s ambassadors are speedcubers, educators, artists, entertainers, magicians, and athletes.


They are Rubik’s most loyal and trusting fans who ultimately just love to play, be challenged, and solve!

The Rubik’s ambassador programme is a network of passionate Cubers who love the Rubik’s Brand.

Our solvers are creative problem solvers, have a playful curiosity, are perseverant and determined to overcome any obstacles, have a desire to get faster and want to support and encourage others on their a solving journey.

Rubik’s ambassadors are speedcubers, educators, artists, entertainers, magicians, and athletes.

They are Rubik’s most loyal and trusting fans who ultimately just love to play, be challenged, and solve!

Meet the Ambassadors

Erik Akkersdijk

Erik is a former World Record holder for speedcubing, holding the 3x3 record of 7.08 seconds in 2008. He is an active part of the speedcubing community, has attended lots of events performing and teaching people how to solve the Rubik’s Cube, and has even developed a solving method that has gathered over 30 million views worldwide online.

Torgeir Amundsen

Torgeir Amundsen (also known as @cubearting) lives in Norway and is a Rubik’s Cube mosaic artists who specializes in portraits. He even built and presented one to Will Smith which celebrated the launch of his movie Gemini Man.

Calvin Anderson

Calvin Anderson is an Offensive Tackle for the Denver Broncos and is a successful “blind” Cube solver able to solve the cube behind his back using the Suduko puzzle method.

Leo Borromeo

Leo Borromeo is a thirteen-year old from Cebu, Philippines who began cubing in 2014. After less than a year of being pretty much self-taught, and picking up lessons from YouTube videos, he joined his first competition at 8 years of age, and had a sub 40 average. But hanging around fellow speedcubers inspired him and he was able to improve dramatically so that by 2016, he was already averaging less than 10 seconds in competitions. 2017 was a big year for him, as he set National Records for  for 3x3 Single (5.96) and average (7.5 seconds). A year later, he was representing his country in in the Asian Championships (Taipei, Taiwan), placing Asian runner-up. Later in 2018 he would set an Asian Continental 3x3 average (6.37 seconds). In 2019, Leo would set NRs for 4x4, 2x2 and one-handed and also compete in World’s in Melbourne Australia. Because of Covid 19, Leo has spent most of 2020 competing online. For Cubing at Home (organized by Cubing USA), he would dominate the 3x3 category, winning 4 times (March 28 2020, April 18 2020, July 11, 2020 & August,  1 2020).  At Monkey League (Organized by Phillip Lewicki aka LaZer0MonKey), Leo was a runner up during season 1 and Grand Champion of Season 2, beating Tymon Kolasińsk, and along the way, was also able to beat his two idols, Lucas Etter and Feliks Zemdegs. Also during Monkey League, Leo was able to achieve a single  of 3.75 and an average of 5.39.

Steven Brundage

Steven Brundage is a well-known magician and entertainer who not only impresses arenas full of rowdy college students, but also impressed the judges on America’s Got Talent, with his Rubik’s Cube talents.

He hosts large events, performs for live audiences, and builds mosaics (including celebrity portraits, such as the viral Kobe Bryant tribute).

Bailey Burns

Bailey Burns is an aerospace engineer working on the next mission for the moon! She first started solving Rubik's cubes in 7th grade when her math teacher taught the class during lunch breaks! Thanks Mrs. Doro! She is passionate about the educational origin of the Rubik’s Cube and is keen to get more young girls and women involved in STEM.

Jack Cai

Jack Cai is a speedcuber from Australia. His specialty in solving the 3x3 Rubik’s Cube blindfolded! He has three World Records and he is also one of the top blindfolded speedcubers for the 4x4 and 5x5.

Matteo Charles

Matteo Charles is a live inspirational artist who turns a blank canvas into a masterpiece in less than 10 minutes on stages around the world. Matteo has opened, work with, and produced works for Hollywood Royalty, Astronauts, Billionaires, Prime Ministers, and much much more.

Giovanni Contardi

Giovanni Contardi is a full-time Rubik's cube artist from Italy.
Starting his career as a speedcuber in 2009, he achieved over 60 National Records, 9 European Records, and 3 official World Records.
His Rubik's cube art has gathered the attention of celebrities like
Will Smith, The Rock, Kevin Hart, Cara Delevingne and many others.
His installations can be found in Art Galleries, museums, and private homes worldwide.

Wendy Diaz

Wendy Diaz is from the United States and builds amazing stop-motion mosaics, as well as incorporating the Cube in other creative projects. She currently holds the Guinness World Record for most Rubik's cubes solved while hula hooping (she reached 100)!

Keaton Ellis

Keaton Ellis is from the United States and is a staple in the Cubing USA community. He has an active role in community both competing (he is one of the top one-handed speedcubers in the world), broadcasting and commentating.

Ernesto Fedz

Ernesto Fedz has been competing since 2004, and creating, innovating and enjoying Rubik art since 2014. He builds large mosaics for events and is very skilled at building 3-D mosaics

Antonio Gandy-Golden

Antonio Gandy-Golden is an American football wide receiver for the Washington Football Team of the National Football League. He is a man of many talents – and can complete a Rubik's cube in 44 seconds!

Landon Hays

Landon Hays is a Rubik's Cube mosaic artist who combined two of his favorite passions: solving puzzles and making creations. He creates a range of mosaics, from celebrities and movie characters, to sports and animals!

Brian Kobasa

Brian Kobasa, also known as @theCubeAbides, is a computer programmer by day and a Rubik’s Cube mosaic artist and enthusiast by night! He builds amazing portraits and has developed his own software to create the mosaics.

Tymon Kolasiński

Tymon Kolasiński is a speedcuber from Poznań, Poland, and is the 2019 WCA Pyraminx World Champion.
He currently holds multiple national records, for 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, and 6x6.
He also holds the Pyraminx World Record average with a time of 1.86 seconds.

Andrey Maslov

Andrey Maslov is from Russia, and he creates mosaics from Rubik's Cubes. There are more than 40 art-pieces in his gallery: portraits, famous paintings, funny installations. He is an organiser of the official WCA speedcubing competition in his city and regional speedcubing events. He also invents and puzzles, with his "SDGs 17-puzzle" being recently awarded by UNESCO Clubs.

Joshua Morris

Joshua Morris (also known as Joshua Cubed) adores Rubik’s as it is has become a symbol of both logic and intelligence. However, over time this geometric structure has woven its twisty web into pop culture bringing with it an explosion of creativity. This juxtaposition is exactly why he is so excited to be a brand ambassador as his gift lies right between the two and he strives to show people that things aren’t always so black and white....there are at least 6 shades.

Adam Polkowski

Adam Polkowski is the founder of RubiART in Poland. In 2014 he decided to leave his corporate career and pursue his passion for the Rubiks Cube, starting his own cubing school!
He currently teaches students how to solve, build great mosaics and compete in the sport community with speedcubing.

Max Park

Max Park is from the United States and is currently a world record holder across multiple events including the 5x5, 6x6, 7x7. He also holds the world record for solving the 3x3 one-handed and is consistently one of the top solvers for the 3x3 with an average of 5.59 seconds.

Gregoire Pfennig

Grégoire Pfennig is a French YouTuber who has been creating 3D printed Rubik's cubes since 2010. He is mostly known for the creation of the world record 33x33x33 Rubik's Cube.

Patrick Ponce

Patrick Ponce is from the United States and is one of the top speedcubers for the 3x3. He is currently third in the world with a time of 4.24 seconds. He is consistently one of the top competitors for other events ranging from 4x4 to 7x7

Sam Richard

Sam Richard is a passionate Cuber who likes to motivate others by sharing his story about how he has incorporated the Rubik’s Cube into his life and helped him overcome life’s obstacles. He loves to encourage his own students to embrace their own story, when teaching them how to solve the Rubik’s Cube.

Benjamin Russo

Benjamin Russo is 9 years old and lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He started doing mosaics when he was 8 years old and loves seeing the final result! His first mosaic build had over 900k views on youtube.

Juliette Sebastien

Juliette Sébastien is a speedcuber from France. Her specialty is solving the Rubik's Cube one-handed. She currently holds 2 European records and is among the world's fastest speedcubers in this event with a 3rd place finish at the last World Championship. She is also one of the top French speedcubers in the two-handed 3x3 event.

George Scholey

George Scholey is from the United Kingdom and is the current reigning UK champion. He has held nine national records and is in the top 50 globally with only 36 competitions under his belt. He competes in a wide range of events and always looks for creative new ways to challenge his solving, like solving the Rubik’s Cube whilst skateboarding.

Arshdeep Soni

Arshdeep Soni is a close-up magician alongside a social media personality with nearly 1 Billon online views. With over 7.5M followers across social media and also being member of the prestigious Magic Circle Society, Arshdeep amazes audiences with his myriad of sleight of hand tricks and illusions

Leah Waller

Leah Waller lives in the UK and is an Education Ambassador for Rubik’s!
She loves that Rubik’s has so many benefits and is passionate about bringing that sense of achievement in solving the Cube to as many people as possible!
Leah has a passion for using the Rubik’s Cube to help engage with, and assist those with, Autism, Additional Needs and the Elderly and encouraging them to keep their mind active, learn a new skill, boost their self-esteem and confidence as well as engage with their local community.

Neil Barras-Smith

Neil Barras-Smith is a huge Rubik’s fan and proud Rubik’s Ambassador. He works with a variety of ages and abilities teaching how to solve the iconic cube. He’s honoured to help people get started on their Rubik’s journey and improve their confidence. He enjoys being part of the Rubik’s family and working with some very talented people.

Delphine Tran

Delphine Tran is 21 years old from the South of France. She started competing in WCA competitions in late 2017 and makes lots of mosaics portraits with lots of Rubik’s Cubes on social media.

Bill Wang

Bill Wang is the top Canadian speedcuber, currently holding 9 national records.
His top time for the 3x3 is 4.76 seconds, and he features in the top 20 across the board around the world at the other events.

Philipp Weyer

Philipp Weyer is from Germany and is one of the top speedcubers in Germany. He currently is the national record holder for the 3x3 one-handed. He is constantly being challenged by his twin brother, Sebastian.

Sebastian Weyer

Sebastian Weyer is from Germany and is the other half of the Weyer brothers. He is the current world record holder for the 4x4 with a time of 17.42 seconds. He has held 18 world records and is one of the top speedcubers in Germany.

Logan Woolfson

The Naked Cuber is an art project run by Logan Woolfson in South Africa. The inspiration was born out of his shared love of art and puzzles, and can be described as both visual and performance art. He has been solving Rubik's cubes since the age of 17, and has since combined design, programming and speed-cubing to produce large-scale custom mosaics out of Rubik’s cubes.

Kalina Jakubowska

Kalina Jakubowska from Poland for many years was teaching people solving the Rubik’s Cube professionally. She organised a lot of speedcubing competitions and creates a Rubik’s Cube mosaics. For ten years she was a 3x3x3 female national record holder and in 2014 she broke the 3x3x3 female world record. She is a bronze medalist of RedBull Rubik's Cube World Cup 2018 and 2019.

Dana Yi

Dana Yi, is super excited to be a Rubik's speedcubing ambassador! Dana has been cubing since around 2010 and is grateful for the opportunities she has including all of the incredible people she has met along the way. Dana is currently a senior in college and loves to make YouTube videos about cubing

Get in touch

Rubik’s ambassadors can work with you in a variety of ways:


Opportunities include:

  • - Events – showcasing skills
  • - Product launches
  • - Live mosaic builds at events, or pre-built to have on display (events, retail)
  • - Interactive, team-building or classroom activities.
  • - Corporate workshops


If you want to work with one of our ambassadors contact us on:

Rubik’s ambassadors can work with you in variety of ways:


Opportunities include:

  • Events – showcasing skills
  • Product launches
  • Live mosaic builds at events, or pre-built to have on display (events, retail)
  • Interactive, team-building or classroom activities.
  • Corporate workshops


If you want to work with one of our ambassadors contact us: