Think Outside The Cube with Charaction CUBE!

The fidget factor is real!


Calling all Rubik's enthusiasts, puzzle lovers and pop culture collectors! 2020 has been a year of partnerships and Bandai America is the latest addition to the list with the launch of Charation CUBE!

Charaction CUBEs are the next generation puzzle for both casual and hardcore fans! With six characters now available from popular licenses like Naruto, Gundam, Dragon Ball and Sanrio, there’s truly a Charaction for everyone!

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With the potential to take home a Toy of the Year Award (TOTY) from the Toy Association in the Collectible category, you’ll want to grab one of these must-own “chibi” characters before it’s too late!

The designs are simple yet capture each character’s iconic representation while still functioning as a Rubik’s cube puzzle to enjoy and add to your collection! Charaction CUBEs are more than just a figure, they’re the perfect mix between display and play for collectors and fans alike.

To get your hands on these this holiday season, visit Amazon, Entertainment Earth or Target!

For more Charaction CUBE news follow @bandaiamerica and let them know who YOU want to see next!

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