The iconic Rubik’s Cube, now on iOS

For 40 years, the iconic Rubik’s Cube has been puzzling and fascinating fans.


Now you can experience the classic puzzle in a completely new way and power up your solve, with the FREE Rubik’s Official Cube app!

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Available now on the App Store, learn to solve or solve in about 20 moves by using Augmented Reality on a real Rubik’s Cube, solving a Virtual Cube on screen or using the timer to track your progress.


Do you have what it takes to solve the world's favorite puzzle?


Key features:


Solve Learn to solve a real-life Rubik's Cube, or solve it in about 20 moves using Augmented Reality!

The A.R. function teaches you how to solve a Rubik’s Cube with the help of a teacher. With interactive voice guidance, learn how to solve a real Rubik’s Cube using the Rubik’s method, which has been tried and tested by millions of solvers around the world. The easiest method to learn the Cube!

Or, if you’re wanting to impress your friends, quick solve the Rubik’s Cube in about 20 moves, using the A.R.


Solve a virtual Cube using finger swipes on screen. You can select you challenge level and Cube size. If it’s your first time solving, perhaps start with the Rubik’s Mini (2x2) or the original Rubik’s Cube (3x3), and when you feel confident or ready for the next challenge, move up to the Rubik’s Master (4x4), or the ultimate challenge, the Rubik’s Professor (5x5). No matter your skill level, there are options for the whole family!

The Virtual Cube allows for a free-play function, or once you feel confident you can time yourself to see how fast you can solve it.


Time yourself solving a real Rubik’s Cube using the official cube timer and see yourself getting faster.

You can track your results, and see your best solves and overall averages in the records section. You can also share your impressive solve times with the world by using the sharing function!

Download the FREE app from the App store today and join a community of solvers!

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