Putting the Sparkle in the Solve

We've partnered with the beauty brand Glamavan to create a special Rubik's Blend of biodegradable glitter that sparkles with the iconic colours of the Cube!

The Rubik's Eco Glitter Gift Set comprises of two pots of glitter; the Rubik’s Blend (5g) which represents the Green/Blue/Orange/Red/Yellow and the Silver (5g) which represents the White.

Also included in the gift set is a 10ml gel pot for application and it is all presented in eco-friendly packaging.

You can use these little tins however you wish to sparkle! Apply the glitter to your face, body and hair, or why not get crafty with them?

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Back in 2019 Glamavan added a bit of sparkle to our Rubik's Cube pop up event in the ever-stylish Covent Garden, supplying an eco glitter-bar.

We love partnering with brands that share the same vision as us, and we are excited to bring creativity, mindfulness, and colour in new and exciting ways!

Glitter offers a moment of pure escapism, giving you a time to focus on something relaxing, therapeutic and creative. It is joyful and fun, and people of all ages can enjoy it – just like the Rubik’s Cube!

We are also pleased that Glamavan also aligns with our vision around sustainability.

Did you know that Rubik's Cubes use plastic that is recycled 7 times over? This helps ensure our products are sustainable and long-lasting, lessening the impact on our beautiful planet.

The glitter inside the Rubik's Eco Glitter Gift Set is biodegradable in the natural environment and the set is cruelty free and vegan friendly too! The gift set packaging is also eco-friendly.

So put a little bit of sparkle in your next solve and get yourself a Rubik's Eco Glitter Gift Set.


And don't forget to tag Rubik's so we can see your crafty creations!

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