Happy 40th Birthday Rubik’s Cube!

40 years of solving!


Thank you to our community of solvers who have for 40 years twisted, turned and solved the Rubik’s Cube, making it the world’s most beloved and iconic puzzle!


Check out some of our solving community celebrating 40 years of play.

40th Birthday competition!

To celebrate the anniversary, we are giving away Rubik’s biggest ever prize pack!

One lucky solver will WIN 40 Rubik’s products in the ultimate Rubik’s pack.

And 40 other lucky winners will win a spot giveaway of a surprise Rubik’s product.


Entries close Friday 27th November 2020

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Red Bull Rubik's Cube World Cup 2020

The 40th anniversary of the Rubik's Cube becoming a worldwide phenomenon also happens to be the same day as the digital Red Bull Rubik's Cube World Cup FINAL (7 November 2020).

Utilising the new digital Rubik's Connected Cube, the final featured some of the best Speedcubers in the world! 

The new Rubik's Connected Cube enabled the competition to be a virtual tournament in 2020, the first ever digital speedcubing competition. Not only is the new digital Cube a natural progression in the evolution of Rubik's, the launch happened to coincide with a time when people were unabel to travel and particpate in physical events, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are the results from the 2020 competition:

1st - Max Park
2nd - Feliks Zemdegs
3rd - Bill Wang

1st - Juliette Sébastien
2nd - Dana Yi
3rd - Kalina Jakubowska

1ST - Philipp Weyer
2ND - Juliette Sébastien
3RD - Andrey Che

1st - Chris Mills
2nd - Ricky Meiler
3rd - Manuel Gutman

Re-watch the 2020 World Cup Final

Want to battle the best speedcubers in the world and improve your own sovle time? Get your own Rubik's Connected Cube now!

Buy Rubik's Connected Cube


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History of the Cube

1980 was the year that the Cube became a worldwide smash hit!

Tom Kremer, a toy specialist, had discovered (what was then known as the ‘Magic Cube’) at the Nuremberg toy fair in 1979 and saw the power and the potential of the Cube. It was through his passion and belief in the Cube that he launched it with Ernõ Rubik to the world in 1980, under the new name ‘Rubik’s Cube’, and the rest they say is history!

Check out the full history of the Rubik’s Cube, how it was invented, the rise of cubing communities, movies and TV it has featured in, and how it has become the pop culture icon that you know and love today!

History of the Cube

Metallic Cube

As part of the 40th birthday celebrations we have released a special edition Metallic Cube.

The Metallic Cube is a standard 3x3 with a magnificent metallic finish that is reflective, vibrant and makes the colours pop!

Get your hands on one now and have it at home as a collectors item.

Buy the Metallic Cube

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