A Perplexing Cube

What do you get when you take a 3D ball-in-a-maze puzzle and cross it with the iconic Rubik’s Cube?!


The ultimate twisting puzzle maze!

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We have teamed up with Spinsmater to create the Rubik’s x Perplexus range.

By twisting and turning the Cube, you must attempt to manoeuvre a small steel ball through an intricate maze inside the Cube. There are 200 challenging barriers along narrow plastic tracks that will put your skills to the test, but once you complete the maze, you complete the Cube!

Perplexus has become famous for its ingenious sculptural designs and various levels of challenge. These values are perfectly aligned with ours, and we are committed to partnering with companies who share our goal of nurturing smarter future generations through products that help them learn and boost intelligence, all whilst having fun!

The perfect gift for puzzle lovers who are ready for their next intricate challenge.

The Rubik’s x Perplexus Hybrid (a 2x2 Cube) is currently available to purchase.

The Rubik’s x Perplexus Fusion (a 3x3 Cube) will be available in 2021.

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