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I want to have promotional Rubik’s cubes made with my company logo

Promotional cubes for business

  •     Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) 125pcs
  •     Delivery 2 – 3 weeks
  •     For business promotional use
  •     Global network of suppliers
  •     Dedicated promotions team and website
When you first looked at a scrambled Rubik’s Cube chances are you knew exactly what you had to do with it. However, it is unlikely that you would have been able to solve it. This unique attribute allows the Rubik’s Cube to simultaneously represent complexity and intelligence. Perfect characteristics to have aligned with your brand! Used by brands such Google, Citigroup, Toyota and UPS; the Rubik’s range are perfect promotional gifts. Thanks to our commitment to Quality, Social compliance, Flexibility and Fast delivery – with minimum quantities starting at 125pcs, 2-3 weeks delivery, and a very strict manufacturing control – we support our partners who often become long term clients. Our promotional items are produced and supplied exclusively by Intermed Asia Ltd. and their chosen agents, visit the Rubik’s Promotional website or contact them directly for more information.