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Chrome Cube Lab

In 1974 Ernö Rubik created an impossible object, one that moved in three dimensions and did not fall apart: the Rubik’s Cube. Ernö has always viewed the Rubik’s Cube as a sculpture showing order from chaos, or simplicity in complexity. His goal for the Cube was always that it would help make mathematics and design easier for everyone to grasp. 40 years later it seems fitting then that another company who consistently makes the impossible possible creates Chrome Cube Lab, to aid in the development of current and future generations. Download the code below and begin to grow and develop your skills with the Rubik’s Cube in a way that barely seemed possible upon its invention four decades ago.

Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions I may use the software code provided hereunder (the “Code”) to create images based on or inspired by the Rubik’s Cube for my personal pleasure and entertainment and for that of others.

However, I recognize and accept that the The RUBIK’S CUBE® in its three dimensional form and any graphic or photographic representation of it, in any configuration, coloured or uncoloured, whether or not it carries the RUBIK’S CUBE® name or logo, is protected by intellectual property laws throughout the world. Specifically the word Rubik’s®, Rubik’s Cube®, its three dimensional form, and it’s two dimensional representation are registered trademarks in numerous classes throughout the world.

Rubiks Brand Ltd controls and administers all the international intellectual property rights pertaining to the Rubik’s Cube, the Rubik brand and products marketed under the Rubik brand. The copyright belongs to Ernõ Rubik, the originator of RUBIK’S CUBE® who has given Rubiks Brand Ltd full and exclusive authority to license and administer the rights, and to pursue by whatever legal means necessary any infringement of such rights. Certain trademarks are registered to Seven Towns Ltd on behalf of Rubiks Brand Ltd and Rubiks Brand Ltd has full and exclusive authority to license and administer the rights, and to pursue by whatever legal means necessary any infringement of such rights.

Rubiks Brand Ltd is determined to stop any unauthorised use of its intellectual property and will pursue infringements of its rights by all legal means at its disposal.

Therefore I understand that any commercial use of the Code or commercial endorsement using the Code is strictly forbidden. This includes the use of the Code or the output to promote goods or services whether explicit or implicit in such use and the sale of images or output based on the Code in any form whatsoever.

For the avoidance of doubt if I am unsure as to whether any secondary usage of what I intend to create shall constitute a commercial use or endorsement and consequently an infringement of the described rights above I shall contact Rubiks Brand Ltd to obtain clarification and if necessary a license.

In addition, by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, I hereby grant Google an irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free, freely sublicensable license to both link to and use any browser experiment or other work I create using any part of the Code. The foregoing license includes, without limitation, the right to reproduce, modify, create derivative works of, and otherwise use my browser experiment or other work (“Works”), and publicly display, publicly perform, distribute (directly or indirectly), transmit, or broadcast the Works by any means or media now known or hereafter created. Google is an express third party beneficiary under these Terms and Conditions.