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New Cube Vs. Speed Cube – What’s the difference?

April 4th 2014 by Chris Durnford
Rubik's Speed Cube Vs. New Rubik's Cube
Rubik’s Speed Cube Vs. New Rubik’s Cube

It’s simple really – the Speed Cube is for people who want to speed solve.

If you are not interested in trying to solve the Rubik’s Cube as quickly as possible and struggle matching the colors on one side of the Cube then the Rubik’s Speed Cube is probably not for you. However if you have dreams of being the next Mats Valk then it’s a safe bet that it’s the Speed Cube you want to get.

Why have a new design for the Rubik’s Cube?

Why not just stick with the original we hear you ask? 40 years since its invention and people still say they “solve” the Rubik’s Cube by peeling the stickers off or taking it apart! We don’t like cheats, so we got rid of the stickers and replaced them with new tough plastic tiles – good luck trying to get those off! The other thing we did was redesign the internal mechanism. This means that it is almost impossible to take the new Rubik’s Cube apart.

The new Rubik’s Cube is essentially a higher quality product. It turns smoother than the original but still has the same crunchy robust feel of the 80’s Rubik’s Cube.

Why have both a Rubik’s Cube and a Speed Cube?

If the new Cube is faster, then why have the Speed Cube? Well this depends on the definition of “fast”. For most people solving the Rubik’s Cube at all if a real feat, the thought of solving it in less than 10 seconds is slightly unrealistic. If you hand most people a Rubik’s Speed Cube then they will find it too lose and uncontrollable (we know – we have tested it).

Speed Cubers need the Rubik’s Speed Cube to turn quickly. So we designed a Rubik’s Cube especially for them. It corner cuts, you can tension it to the individual, it never pops… its designed for SPEED! None of these things matter to the average Rubik’s fan, but to the Speed Cuber they are of paramount importance. So if you want any of these things from your Cube, then get the Rubik’s Speed Cube.

Click here buy the New Rubik’s Cube or the Rubik’s Speed Cube



April 8th 2014 at 2.01 pm

How much and when does it come out


April 12th 2014 at 2.06 am

i love you guys i wish i can be closer with you


April 25th 2014 at 4.50 am

This is just stupid! Having 2 Types of cubes? Cmon, If you have to choose the new cube or the new speedcube, then you would… OF COURSE YOU’LL PICK THE SPEEDCUBE! YOU WANT FOR THE BEST ONE, WITH THE BEST QUALITY, A CUBE THAT TURNS GREAT! My point is, that obviously you will pick the speedcube, because it can be enjoyed by general consumers and speedcubers, if you dont care about speed, then it’s okay, it doesn’t matter, you can still love the speedcube because it’s a rubik’s cube, nothing changes but speed and quality!


May 19th 2014 at 10.17 am

Hey! magic 277! They spent like maybe about a million or o dollars to make the speed cube. Do you really think its the same thing? If it is the same for arguments sake then why in the world would anyone fund a million or so dollars! Maybe once you solve a Rubik’s cube you’ll know smile

I'm Sexy

May 19th 2014 at 9.37 pm

That sounds sexy.

May 20th 2014 at 6.15 pm

I think the Speedcube will be a major upgrade!

hey! magic227! (:

May 23rd 2014 at 11.22 am

It clearly said in the description that the speedcube is much more loose than the new cube. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it is higher quality. Sure, you need to be able to turn each side without too much difficulty, but once you get past that, the tension in the cube is a matter of personal preference.  Personally, I HATED cubing with a loose cube at first, and had to slowly ease into it.


May 24th 2014 at 4.02 pm

When will the new 2x2, 4x4 and 5x5 come out? Will there be speed cube versions of those?


May 29th 2014 at 3.42 am

With the new cube I was making sure it was true so I pulled it apart but when I get to the last piece of the whole cube (edge piece) it won’t go in?! please help.


June 4th 2014 at 11.06 am

The speed cube is better than the new rubik’s cube because the speed cube fiction less but the new rubik’s cube so tightly tensioned that it is hard to turn . i preffer that the new rubik’s cube can be improved by tensioning it bit loose , but we can’t do that . The company can make the new rubik’s cube better by doing that .

Preston Ryan

June 19th 2014 at 12.48 pm

To answer your question Fabricio , there are speed cubes for the 2x2x2;4x4x4;ect.The thing is,you don’t really see them out on this web . ebay and Amazon are the best places to find speed cubes for the 2x2;3x3;etc.


August 15th 2014 at 12.29 pm

The normal cube has the same mechanism as the speed cube but turns really bad. I think if the normal cube was tensioned a little looser it would make the cube better.