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How to customise the Rubik’s Speed Cube

February 19th 2014 by Chris Durnford

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The aim of this guide is to help you customise your Rubik’s Speed Cube to the way you like it. To download this guide click here. When you purchased the Cube it was set to a medium tension. Do not over tighten the Cube or you risk damaging it. To adjust the tension remove the tiles (as in step 1) and screw the screws anti-clockwise. To achieve different tensions assemble as shown below, using the following steps (omitting steps 6 – 10).

If you want your Rubik’s Speed Cube even looser then you can change the springs following all the steps in the instructions.

There are also video instructions to help you:

You can lubricate the cube when fully assembled, but for best results with Rubik’s Lube, lubricate when the Cube is apart (just before step 11). For more information on lubricating the Rubik’s Speed Cube please visit the Speed Cubing section. Note: only a tiny amount of lube is needed and will quickly spread inside the Cube with a few twists and turns.

  1. Remove the centre cap using a flat head screwdriver
  2. Unscrew the centre cap
  3. Remove the centre piece
  4. Disassemble the cube in layers
  5. Remove the remaining centre pieces as in steps 1 & 2
  6. Steps 6 – 10 will show you how to disassemble the core to change the springs. These steps are difficult so we suggest you do not attempt them unless you feel confident in your ability. If you do not wish to change the springs then skip straight to step 11.

  7. Locate the 4 tabs holding the cube together
  8. Push down and in on all 4 tabs at once. Make sure that you are pushing the tabs rather than the plastic around the tabs.
  9. The core should come apart slightly allowing you to then open it the rest of the way (it may be helpful to use your nail or a screwdriver).

  10. Find the centre divider and remove it
  11. Remove the pillars holding the springs. You can now change all the springs by removing them and replacing them with the others provided.
  12. Reassemble the core
  13. This is the best time to lubricate your Rubik’s Speed Cube

  14. Place the tall plastic washer in the underneath of the centre tiles.
  15. Put the screw into place
  16. This step will help prevent catches on very loose tensions and can be skipped if you prefer tighter tensions. Place the metal washer over the screw and plastic washer, between the plastic washer and the core. Skip this step if you Rubik’s Speed Cube was bought from as they do not come with washers.
  17. Screw 5 of the 6 centre pieces back into place
  18. Rebuild the cube layer by layer; leaving the final centre piece until last. The Cube must be re-assembled in its “solved” state or it may then be un-solvable.

Click here to find out more about speed cubing.



March 24th 2014 at 10.58 am

This speed cubing is very tough. Do any one have easy one,if you have,please send it to my email id .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Trystan Gibb

August 15th 2014 at 9.27 am

My speed cube is spinning too fast it sometime double flicks l. There to much lube in it. How do I fix that