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A NEW product - the Rubik’s Cube Light!!

April 14th 2014 by Chris Durnford

Since its global launch in 1980 the Rubik’s Cube has cemented itself firmly as a retro icon, now it really is a glowing example of cool.

Rubik’s have teamed up with Paladone (the makers of the world famous Tetris Light™) to bring you this awesome Rubik’s Cube Light. Not only is the Rubik’s Light a retro-cool lamp, but it is also a working Rubik’s Cube. You can scramble and solve the Rubik’s Light just like the original Cube, except this one glows! Plug it in and leave it on the side shining away or un-plug and play with it while it continues to gleam powered by a USB rechargeable battery.

The Rubik’s Light is made of clear plastic with opaque stickers that keep the Rubik’s look everyone loves, but allows maximum light to penetrate through from the internal LEDs. Bring glorious techno colour and light into your surroundings with this retro Rubik’s lamp.

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April 20th 2014 at 1.04 pm

I think that making a rubiks carrying case would be awesome


May 1st 2014 at 10.35 pm

So are you guys selling it and if you are how much is it.


May 2nd 2014 at 2.46 pm

why is it so big? will you guys make it smaller because that will look cool

R.J. de Ocampo

May 3rd 2014 at 12.58 am

I’m really excited for this!!! Been waiting for something like this for awhile and I hope that it’s available at Canadian retailers. :S


May 6th 2014 at 3.45 am

COOL! I’ll look at buying this one!

Jacob Gerow

May 6th 2014 at 6.42 am

Cool anyone know wen it’s coming out

sharan kumar

May 10th 2014 at 1.28 am

Yes I like it

Darius Vossoughi

May 15th 2014 at 1.55 pm

When does the Rubik’s cube light come out

Robert Hampton

May 16th 2014 at 5.42 am

It is very cool. but you should offer a standard size one too. and maybe get rid of the stickers for a more durable permanent solution.

Robert Hampton

May 16th 2014 at 5.44 am

I will be watching this great idea. and possible alterations.


May 19th 2014 at 10.29 pm

Wow this is amazing I really want it good job Rubik’s!!!

Preston Ryan

June 19th 2014 at 12.40 pm

Wow ! That looks pretty cool! The only problem is that it cost $50.00,hopefully it drops down a good $5-10 dollars over the months. Again , awesome invention :D


July 10th 2014 at 8.41 pm

Do you know when the Rubik’s Light will be in stock again?


July 15th 2014 at 2.18 pm
I just ordered this for my son’s birthday and it arrived today!  Think Geek has them in stock!  I <3 ThinkGeek!