Promotional & Customized Rubik’s Cubes FAQ

  1. Contact us

    Promotional Rubik’s Cubes are handled be an exclusive agent, they can be contacted directly through their website

  2. Who uses promotional Rubik’s Cubes?

    Our clients include: Google, GE, Citigroup, Unilever, Toyota, UPS and many more.

  3. Do you provide this service in my country?

    Yes, Promotional Rubik’s Cubes are handled by an exclusive agent, who have a large distribution network that spans the majority of the world, they can be contacted directly through their website.

  4. What are the delivery / lead times?

    Delivery times can be as quick as 2/3 weeks but it depends on what products and quantities you require.

  5. Are these authentic Rubik’s Cubes?

    Yes, these are the only 100% authentic Rubik’s Cubes that are authorised for promotional purposes.

  6. What if I just want one (or a small number) of customized cube(s) for myself or as a present?

    We do a custom sticker kit in store, click for more details

  7. What is the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?

    MOQ starts at 125pcs.

  8. Are there other Rubik’s Products that can be customized for promotional purposes?

    Yes. Click for a full list of items that are available for promotional purposes.

  9. Can I sell these customized Rubik’s Cubes?

    No, these cubes are not for retail and are for promotional purposes only.

  10. Can I use customized Rubik’s Cubes as promotional items?

    Yes, that is what they are for. Click for more information.